F1 (Login): Click on "my.payables.co.in" and login via google easily.

Login Page

F2 (Manage Subscription) : By clicking on manage subscription on the right side of the drop down.

Manage Subscription

F3 (Pricing ) : View the pricing of the subscription you want.

F4 (Homepage) : View the all transactions on the homepage.

F5(Team member): Adding a new member to the team. Its Easy !!

F6(Expense category): Adding a new expense category in the system.

F7(Bank Acoounts) : Add balances* to the bank accounts and add a new source.

F8(New Transaction): Fill in the details and press "ADD".

New Transaction

F9(Sign-In Transaction): Pass the transaction to the concerned person and agree on it when he signs it.

Transaction

F10( Status's) : Change the status easily and filter the transactions as per the status.